ArciTech Drawer System: Assembly, Installation And Adjustment Of Drawers

The ArciTech drawer system allows to combine many side elements with one drawer side panel as the entire system is based on a platform concept. Even exchanging side elements after installation is possible.
This video is explaining the setup of the ArciTech drawer plattform:

This video explains how to assemble drawer side panels, bottoms and rear panels to become a drawer. It is recommended to use an ArciFit assembly aid as it speeds up the assembly process and avoids damages to drawer components.

Front panels are mounted to the drawer without using tools. The quick assembly also features simple disassembly by pulling the disassembly lever with one finger. Very useful e. g. for cleaning dirty drawers in every day kitchen use.

The assembly of ArciTech railings, TopSides and DesignSides for pot-and-pan drawers is also very simple. For these components, quick disassembly is an interesting feature as it allows to change side elements anytime. This way, every pot-and-pan drawer can be customized to individual customer design preferences anytime and anywhere.

For cabinet installation, drawers are simply pushed onto the Actro runner. Drawers and runners connect automatically.

Hettich keeps developing further details: In 2014, the new and optional Push to open Silent function was awarded by the iF Product Design Award:

In case the front panels are not perfectly in line: sideway overlay and height position can be adjustment using the screws left and right of the drawer. These screws should afterwards be covered by cover caps. The tilt of high front panels can be adjusted via railing or adjustment screws in the DesignSide or Top Side.

There are a number of tools available to support the assembly and installation process, e.g.:
– ArciFit 100 for drawer assembly:
– Accura drilling jig for runners:
– Practica 200 for manual drilling of front panels:
– BlueJig for manual positioning of front panels:

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