How To Build A BBQ Grilling Station Or Grill Surround

This how to build a barbecue grilling station or grill surround was created by Allan Block using the AB Courtyard Collection. It gives viewers step by step installation instructions for building an outdoor kitchen that can be enjoyed by families and friends on the deck or a patio.

Grill surrounds are an easy way to not only protect your grill but to give you more working space by adding countertop on ethers side of the grill. Enjoy the outdoors and make lasting memories with a project you can do yourself. You can add a bar to your grilling station to expand it into an outdoor kitchen.

Allan Block also has other installation videos that make building outdoor projects a breeze. Enjoy life more with outdoor rooms that expand your living. Have fun entertaining guests or host family parties with your new outdoor kitchen. Become the next iron chef or tail-gate champion using your new BBQ Grilling Station.

You can find complete installation instructions, a local store near you, as well as design ideas and easy to use estimating tools at our website:

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