How To Build And Install Kitchen Cabinets (28 From Scratch) Remodel

Build kitchen cabinets from scratch, start to finish with time lapse photography.


(DETAILED VIDEO) Tips on Cabinet-Making Tools:

(DETAILED VIDEO) How to Make Face Frames:

(DETAILED VIDEO) How to Make Dovetailed Drawers:

(DETAILED VIDEO) How to Make Raised Panel Doors:

(DETAILED VIDEO) How to Spray Cabinets:

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240+ hour project which includes, purchasing, travel, planning, constructing, etc.
A contractor will charge for a project like this for ,000 – ,000!!! The total material cost for white maple cabinets with hardware and special tools is about ,000.

Dewalt DW2535 3 Piece #6, #8, and #10 Countersink.
Computer software, CutList Plus.
The blade has 60 teeth (-5 deg hook) designed to minimize tear out.

A lot of time was spent to create the video for this project. Donations appreciated and accepted at Patreon:

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