How To Install A Through-the-Wall Exhaust Fan

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Scott Caron, master electrician for Ask This Old House, helps a homeowner put in an exhaust fan to rid her kitchen of smelly cooking odors. (See below for a shopping list, tools, and steps.)

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Shopping List for How to Install a Through-the-Wall Exhaust Fan::
– Exhaust fan
– Nonmetallic 14-2 sheathed electrical wire
– Wire connectors

Tools for How to Install a Through-the-Wall Exhaust Fan:
– Stud finder
– Utility knife
– Reciprocating saw
– Drill/driver
– Pliers
– Wire cutters

Steps for How to Install a Through-the-Wall Exhaust Fan:
1. Use a stud finder to locate studs and find an empty bay to install the fan. Or drill a hole and use fish tape to find structure.
2. Using a pencil, trace an outline of the circular exhaust housing.
3. Cut out plaster using a utility knife.
4. Remove lathe using a reciprocating saw and remove any insulation that may potentially block exhaust.
5. Outside, trace an outline of the dimensions of the square exhaust housing and remove siding with the utility knife.
6. Trace an outline of the circular exhaust within the square dimensions and remove sheathing with the reciprocating saw.
7. Screw the outer square exhaust housing to the structure using screws from the kit and a drill/driver.
8. Locate an electrical source with constant power.
9. Connect nonmetallic 14-2 sheathed electrical wire to the power source by splicing the wires together using pliers. Cover the connections with wire connectors.
10. Place the circular housing in the hole, pull wire through, and make the connections to the electrical box.
11. Insert the fan into the housing and plug it into the electrical box.
12. Insert the fan cover using the cap screw.

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