How To Install Base Cabinets With Wickes

Base cabinets are crucial for any kitchen, creating storage and a surface for a worktop to rest on. Learn how to install a cabinet with this step by step guide from one of our Wickes experts.
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These are the steps to install your cabinets:

1. Starting in a corner, mark up exactly where you want your cabinets to go using a spirit level to keep it straight.
2. In the same corner you started before, place the first unit in position, so it’s resting with its back against the wall.
3. If there’s pipework or a high skirting board behind you’ll have to cut an access gap both sides of the cabinet – mark where the pipes will pass and cut with a jigsaw.
4. Check the unit is level with a spirit level and adjust the legs as necessary – you can then add the next cabinet.
5. Clamp the two units together with two G clamps, one at the top and one at the bottom.
6. Remove the hinge plates to attach the cabinets together neatly, drill and screw through the adjacent cabinet with the screws provided, then replace the hinge plate.
7. Towards the back of the side panel, drill a hole through both cabinets and secure using screws.
8. Attach L-shaped brackets to the top of each side panel. Use these as templates to mark where they need to be drilled into the wall.
9. Check there are no pipes or wires using a cable and pipe detector.
10. Using the appropriate drill bit, drill a hole to the length of your screw, tap in a wall plug and screw the bracket into place.
11. Continue until all the cabinets are in position.
12. At the end of the row of cabinets you should place a side panel, you may need to cut this down to the correct size to fit your cabinets.
13. Use a circular saw or jigsaw to cut down your side panel and if necessary, cut the panel around the skirting too using an off cut for guidance.
12. Clamp the side panel to the cabinet, remove the hinges and drill a hole through the cabinet where the side panel is to be hung.
13. Screw the cabinet to the panel and replace the hinges, repeat for all other side panels.

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