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Before I say anything let me be very clear. I am NOT a professional but I know what I am doing to my vacation house in Prince George, BC. That means I cut through all the bullshit of a sales pitch. I always get the job done safely, efficiently and effectively without any bias. I’m not promoting a business or trade in fact I’m showing you how to do it without any help at all.
This video is specifically meant for an older home only and only for use with the newer LED style bulbs in GU-10 format, not fluorescent or Halogen. If you are building a new home you should work with your contractor as you will need special inspections.
Installing and wiring recessed lighting does not have to be a specialty skill requiring high priced talent or special skills. It’s easy, cheap and maybe even a little fun if you have some company like my friend Coco in this “how to video”.

As with any project planning is crucial. That’ll start with determining all the tools you will need and a material list. This video specifically shows you how to modernize and older atypical home with newer efficiency LED recessed lighting. Do not attempt this project if you are planning on using high wattage, high heat Halogen bulbs. The newer LED bulbs are readily available at any modern hardware store. By far the best price I found was at Costco and Ikea, Home Depot was considerably higher priced for the bulbs themselves. The fixtures themselves were a steal at for a case of 10 at Home Depot (loss leader). If you’re in a smaller town consider buying the bulbs (in North America they are typically GU-10’s in LED version) on line, I’ve seen them very cheap on eBay.
Produced and Hosted by Percy von Lipinski
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