Kitchen Island Installation – QUICK AND EASY – DIY

Kitchen Island Install – Quick and Easy – Do it yourself!

Items needed for build:
Off the shelf floor cabinet with matching side panels and kick plate.
Plywood for the rough top.
Counter top of your choice (stone slab, laminate, corian etc.)
Construction adhesive/caulk gun
Drill and impact driver
Drill bits
Measuring tape
Saw for 2×4 and side panels etc.

Links of tools used in this video – Amazon

Milwaukee SDS Plus Rotary Hammer

DEWALT 20v Lithium Drill Driver/Impact Combo Kit

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Measure opening of cabinet. Determine location of cabinet placement and trace to floor.
Cut and secure 2×4’s to tile floor/concrete slab, sub floor/studs. Pre-drill through the 2×4’s to mark your spots. With marks for reference, pre-drill 3/8 inch holes using appropriate bit (in our case we used a masonry bit/hammer drill). Insert anchors, (in our case we used wood shims hammered into holes). Secure 2×4’s to floor. Drop cabinet with pre-installed rough top into 2×4 support. Using screws, secure cabinet to 2×4’s. Glue top down and use weight/clamps to adhere. Glue or nail side panels and toe kick.

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