Peel And Stick Smart Tiles For Backsplash: Interlocking Tiles Installation Guide

How to install peel and stick Smart Tiles for kitchen backsplash if you have one of the interlocking model? This installation video guide will show you step by step what to do. We used the Subway Sand as an example. This video also applies for bathroom backsplash installation.

Here is what you need: A degreaser such as trisodium phosphate (TSP), a level, a pencil, a box cutter, a stainless steel ruler, a measuring tape and a cutting mat.

First step is to clean your wall with the TSP, measure the height of a peel and stick tile and mark a straight and leveled line on the wall. As you have to start with the corner, cut the edges that are in excess and you can apply the cut pieces to another tile in the spaces that remain. Align the top of the peel and stick tile to the guide line and the corner and press firmly to set the adhesive. Once the positioning is ok, remove all of the protective paper and apply pressure. From then on, simply apply the peel and stick tiles one after the other on the wall overlapping the grout line and embedding them.

For more info about the peel and stick tiles installation for backsplash, visit The DIY peel and stick Smart Tiles is made of a gel component Gel-O ™ that will never yellow or crack over time. It’s guaranteed the peel and stick backsplash will stick without adding extra glue and will remain on your walls for as long as you wish them to be.

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