Porcelain Tile Installation Tips And Tricks | Ceramic Tile Dade City FL

Porcelain Tile Installation Tips and Tricks | Ceramic Tile Dade City FL

This is a video about:

– How To Install Porcelain Tile Step By Step Process

You will learn thin-set application, how much thin-set to use. The meaning of 1/2″ trowel. Spacers 1/8″ and more.

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When you are looking for a professional with over 15 years of experience in the tile, stone, and wood industry, with hundreds of highly satisfied customers, you have one company to choose from, and that is Daniel Pereira inc.

The services that you will receive range from a simple ceramic, or Marble setting to fine hardwood floors.
No project is too small or too big for us.
Daniel Pereira is a company with a high reputation in:

Daniel or Vinny: (727) 755-0075
Toll Free: 1-800-815-2147

•Bathroom Remodeling
•Kitchen Backsplash
•And Other Custom Designs

We have extensive expertise with materials such as:
•Porcelain Tile
•Ceramic Tile
•And Also Mosaic and its several types of

•We are very well recognized on Natural Stone Installation
•Interior Design consultants are always recommending us when they want a fine project complete.

•Some examples of our specialties are:
•Granite Floors
•Tumbled stone
•We also specialize in Laminate and hardwood flooring

Let me help you with your decision and tell you why choosing Daniel Pereira is by far your very
best choice.

•Our company has served hundreds of homeowners and businesses in Florida since the year 1996.
•Daniel Pereira is a registered corporation in the state of Florida. You can check us out on the website:
•You can rest assured that you will get a service that has all the proper licenses.
•And for your safety and ours, our company is fully insured. Before we start your project, our insurance company will issue an insurance certificate to you.

•Our tile services are recommended by Hundreds of loyal clients. Our long list of references includes clients in several parts of Florida

•Just check out what our clients
are saying about us:

You see? Because of those amazing compliments that we will work so hard to make sure every single detail of your project will be taken care of, and then you will be one hundred percent satisfied.
•And on top of that, we will never subcontract our projects. From the day we meet
for a free estimate visit to the day your project is complete, it’s Daniel Pereira Inc. that will be there.

•I am an expert author and I have written several articles on tile, marble and hardwood in order to help our clients.

•And because experience is very important, You will have a professional responsible for your project with more than 15 years of experience setting tile, marble and hardwood.
•And to make sure you have complete peace of mind, upon completion of your
project you will receive a warranty certificate for your installation.

When you call us for a free estimate:
We will stop by your place, and take measurements, and also help you out with:

•types of marble, tiles, hardwood and laminate available and the advantages of some types versus others.

We will follow up with a very well detailed proposal along with a long list of solid references emailed to you within 24 hours or less.

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