The Power of our local London kitchen pages

If you have not figured out, we are promoting kitchen installation companies different to other directory websites in the UK.

Let’s look at what is considered the “norm” for directory websites and then we will look at what Bespoke Installation offers and compare the two. typical directories

Typical UK directories

thomsonsThere are 1000’s of business directories in the UK but one thing that is common between them all. The way that they promote businesses in a category.

When you search in a category on a directory, you are met with 100’s of listings of businesses all vying to be the number one listing.

Even if you are paying for a premium listing you are not guaranteed the top position.

We are told by the directories that there is an algorithm that determines the order of the business listings but personally, I never see a change.

The problem faced by every business in the kitchen installation category is how to stand out and get more business.

You also have to take into account if that directory is visible on Google as that is where 90% of customers start their online journey. If they are not being seen in the search results, what is the point of fighting for position in the kitchen category on that directory?

Your time and effort would best be spent building your brand and website and getting your visibility improved and generate exposure that way.

Find an SEO company who can optimise your website and gain you the right exposure!

Dominate with Bespoke Installation

Whether you are already on page 1 of Google for some keywords or not, Bespoke Installation can benefit your business.

Currently, we are establishing ourselves as an authority in the kitchen installation world in Google. We are starting to rank very high for targeted keywords.

What makes us a viable marketing option for your business is the fact that we promote your website above ours.

As soon as you take ownership of a location page, your website will be the only page seen when a customer visits that page.

If a client visits the location page from Google, they will be viewing your website on our website. All customers are directed to your business website. No more fighting to be seen in category lists.

We only promote one business per location! You are our number 1 for kitchens in an area.

We will be promoting your website for a varied amount of keywords:

  • Kitchen fitters {location}
  • Kitchen installation {location}
  • {location} kitchen fitters
  • {location} kitchen installation
  • bespoke kitchen fitters {location}
  • bespoke kitchen installation {location}
  • and more

You are getting so much exposure from Bespoke Installation.

Find a location you cover, fill in your details and arrange a live demo and see how we will promote your business website online.

Contact us if you have any questions

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